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Once you get an energy inspection done, you will receive an EnergyCheckUp Inspection Report that rates your home on a rating of 1 - 100. The report will also recommend ways and means for you to improve that rating and become more energy efficient. In your report, only recommendations that make sense for YOUR home are suggested. A sampling of the recommendations is provided below. Click on each recommendation to learn more about it. To look at a sample EnergyCheckUp report, click here.

1.  Basic HVAC Diagnostic Tune-up
2.  Advanced HVAC Diagnostic and Tune-up
3.  Duct Testing/Duct Sealing
4.  Upgrade to an Energy Star Gas Furnace
5.  Upgrade to an Energy Star Heat Pump
6.  Upgrade to an Energy Star Central Air Conditioner
7.  Install a Programmable Thermostat
8.  Increase your Attic Insulation
9.  Increase your Wall Insulation
10.  Insulation Package: Attic (R-30) + Wall (R-13)
11.  Upgrade to Energy Star Windows
12.  Upgrade to a High Efficiency Gas Water Heater
13.  Pipe Insulation for Water Heater
14.  Install Low-Flow Showerheads
15.  Install Hardwired Fluorescent Lights (Kitchen)
16.  Install Hardwired Fluorescent Lights (smaller fixtures)
17.  Replace Incandescent Torchieres With Energy Star Torchieres
18.  Replace Incandescent Light Bulbs With Screw-in Compact Fluorescent Lights
19.  Install a Pool Cover
20.  Install a Spa Cover
21.  Install Sink Faucet Aerators
22.  Install Low-flow Toilets
23.  Weather-Stripping
24.  Plant Trees
25.  Install a Spa Heating Timer

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