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Taking advantage of cash rebate offers from your local utility is one of the best ways to offset the cost of new energy efficient appliances, light fixtures, and other ways to save energy at home. But if you want a rebate to find its way into your pocket, you’d better act soon. Consumer Reports magazine says that savvy consumers will act now before the rebate money dries up.

Many rebates are available for energy efficient Energy Star labeled products. To find out more about Energy Star products visit the Energy Star website.

If you have already had an EnergyCheckup done on your home, visit the “At-A-Glance” Page in your online report. Then check to see if any rebates are currently available for the upgrades and improvements recommended in your EnergyCheckup™ Report. Utilities change their programs all the time. Check back frequently to see if you’re eligible for any new special offers.

Otherwise, to find out if your utility offers rebates to residential customers, visit their web site or call your local customer service representative. If you don’t see your utility below, try looking it up on this online directory of utilities.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
DWP HOTLINE: 1-800-U-ASK-DWP (827-5397)

Pacific Gas & Electric
PG&E Smarter Energy Line: 1-800-933-9555

Sacramento Municipal Utility District
SMUD General Information: 1- 888-456-SMUD (7683)

San Diego Gas & Electric
SDG&E 24 hour General Information: 1-800-411-SDGE (7343)

Southern California Edison
SCE 24 hour General Services: 1-800-655-4555

Southern California Gas
Program Administration number: 1-800-736-4777

What can you do?
Free money isn’t the only reason to get energy efficient appliances or fix up your home. Other benefits include increased home comfort and lowered utility bills. Visit our Product Showcase to see some of the hottest energy efficiency ideas for your home. To find out more about how energy efficiency improvements make your home more valuable at resale, see our Resale Value page. If you’d like to get ideas about specific steps you can take to make your own home more comfortable and energy efficient, visit our Comfort Q&A page.

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