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"The information provided in this seminar helped me understand not only how to promote energy efficiency, but definitely gives me an edge up on my competition when it comes to evaluating a property, whether for a Seller or a Buyer.  I plan to implement this program immediately."

- Meryl Dean, Frank Howard Allen Realtors, Greenbrae

EnergyCheckup helps real estate professionals deliver the best value possible when helping clients buy or sell a home.

An EnergyCheckup helps you emphasize to a buyer how easy and inexpensive it is to make energy-saving home improvements – the kind of improvements that lower monthly utility bills so much they actually pay for themselves! An EnergyCheckup helps you explain how utility bill savings and rebates – not just discounts from the seller – can help them pay for items that may be disclosed in the regular home inspection report.

Let's face it. Some homes need a little work, there's just no getting around it. An EnergyCheckup is the best way for you, a savvy agent or REALTOR®, to guarantee that every home inspection you recommend will contain at least some good news... news you can use to keep a deal on track.

An EnergyCheckup shows your clients you care, helping them find valuable rebates and financing to make energy-wise improvements that improve comfort and increase resale value. An EnergyCheckup also makes an ideal “thank you” gift… just ask the inspector to hold the report until closing.

Smart sellers give the appraiser a copy of their EnergyCheckup report to confirm their home is more energy efficient than comparable homes. To find out more about how energy efficiency improvements make a home more valuable at resale, see our Resale Value page.Com.

To find all the closest EnergyCheckup™ Certified Energy Inspectors in your area, please visit our Inspector Locator.

Download our EnergyCheckup Real Estate Professionals Brochure (designed especially for REALTORS® and other real estate industry professionals) or view other marketing materials designed to help you communicate the benefits of an EnergyCheckup to your clients.

For more information about energy efficiency in the home, see these online resources:

Realtor.com – The official Internet site of the National Association of REALTORS®, contains loads of information available to consumers, registered REALTORS® and other real estate professionals.

Realtor Magazine, “Selling Green” Article (Mar. 2003) – Check out this fact-filled article that states: “Almost 80 percent of consumers listed environmentally friendly features a concern when purchasing a home.”

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