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News Release: Multiple Studies Find GeoPraxis’ EnergyCheckup™ Time-of-Sale Home Inspection Program is Cost Effective and Demonstrates Best Practices

EnergyCheckup helps leading energy utilities meet their residential sector marketing goals with the highly innovative EnergyCheckup™ Server Software and the cost-effective Time-of-Sale Home Inspection Program.

“Cost-effectively Enabling Your Hard-To-Reach
Residential Customers to Use Energy More Efficiently”

A Proven Track Record

EnergyCheckup, A Service Provided by GeoPraxis, Inc., is America’s largest home energy rating provider for existing homes. EnergyCheckup has trained and equipped over 450 professional home inspectors to sell and perform home energy ratings in conjunction with conventional time-of-sale home inspections. EnergyCheckup delivers the nation’s most successful Time-of-Sale Home Inspection Program to investor-owned utilities, public utility districts, state energy offices, and others. In addition, EnergyCheckup offers a variety of other innovative and cost-effective solutions to help meet your residential sector energy efficiency goals.

An energy rating conducted by an EnergyCheckup™ Certified Energy Inspector is a valuable and very affordable way for homebuyers and sellers to identify how to save energy in any home, mobile home, or multifamily property. EnergyCheckup inspectors use the industry’s most advanced HERS software to collect the audit data, perform the home energy rating, and automatically publish online the EnergyCheckup™ Report. The EnergyCheckup™ Server Software is RESNET-accredited and Green Building XML compliant. It is powered by the GeoPraxis IDEA Server® software and DOE-2, originally developed by the US Department of Energy.

EnergyCheckup Services

Throughout North America, EnergyCheckup offers the following services:

  • Turn-key implementation of a Time-of-Sale Home Inspection Program in your utility service area
  • Training of EnergyCheckup™ Certified Energy Inspectors and real estate agents in your area
  • Training of your utility’s customer service representatives and licensing to use the web-based EnergyCheckup™ Server software
  • Customization of the EnergyCheckup™ Server Software to support your utility’s special needs (e.g., branding, regulatory requirements, legacy systems integration, etc.)
  • Custom integration of the EnergyCheckup™ Server Software into your public website and/or CRM intranet
  • Low-cost “Rapid Market Assessment” studies to determine the feasibility and benefits of operating a Time-of-Sale Home Inspection program in your area.

    Read the History of EnergyCheckup to learn more about our significant accomplishments.

    Contact GeoPraxis today to discuss how an EnergyCheckup solution can help your organization meet its residential sector goals.


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