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Your Home EnergyCheckup Report
A comprehensive energy efficiency inspection was recently completed on your home. The inspection results, which provide valuable insights into your hidden energy costs and potential energy savings, have been compiled in this easy-to-read EnergyCheckup Report.

The heart of the report is Your EnergyCheckup At-a-Glance. Sections on how to interpret the results in the At-a-Glance table, why and how to make recommended improvements, applicable rebate opportunities, and additional energy efficiency tips are also included in this report.

To print a copy of your personalized Home EnergyCheckup Report for your records, simply click the "Download PDF File" button. If you have questions about your report, please contact us at Info@EnergyCheckup.com or 888-262-9009.

This report is based on information gathered from a variety of sources, which may include the home inspector, homeowner, potential homebuyer, utility company, or other party. In some cases, such as when areas of the home may have been inaccessible, default values are assigned based on building code and manufacturer data. The numbers contained in the report should be viewed as estimates only, whether referring to square footage, energy savings, or other listed values. When delivered in conjunction with a professional home inspection, this report should not be considered part of the home inspection report.

While every effort has been made to ensure reasonable accuracy, this report does not constitute a warranty, either expressed or implied, regarding the home’s energy efficiency or cost of operation. While estimates are based on local climate and energy costs, individual usage patterns and weather variations can cause wide differences in utility expenses. The estimates given assume typical local weather and average settings for heating and cooling, hot water, etc.

Thank you for making the choice to get an EnergyCheckup. We wish you all the comfort and cost-efficiency of an energy-wise home.

How Do I Read My EnergyCheckup Report?

Your EnergyCheckup Report is designed to be easy to navigate and understand. The results of the energy audit of your home are outlined in the table entitled Your EnergyCheckup At-a-Glance.

To understand what each section of the At-a-Glance table means, run your cursor over the table and pop-up explanations will appear. For more detailed descriptions of the sections in the table, click on What does the At-a-Glance table mean?

For information about why and how to implement the Recommended Improvements for your home, click on the individual improvement in your At-a-Glance table, or go to About Your Recommended Improvements.

To find out about rebates that apply to your home, click on Find Rebates. To find out about financing your energy improvements, click on Find Financing. For information about qualified contractors in your area, click on Find Contractors. For explanations of ENERGY STAR® and EnergyGuideTM ratings, click on About ENERGY STAR® and EnergyGuideTM. These and other valuable links can also be found in the "HOW TO" section for each recommended improvement.

For additional tips on saving money, saving energy, and making your home more comfortable (all without spending a dime), click on
FREE Ways to Save Money & Energy.

For information about many other energy-responsible recommendations for your current home, a future home, or the homes of people you know, click on Additional Improvements.


This EnergyCheckupTM Report may recommend a number of improvements that can be made to improve the energy efficiency of a home. For each of these improvements, there may be several rebate or incentive programs offered by other Public Goods Charge (PGC) funded programs. By using this EnergyCheckup Report to gain access to rebate and incentive programs, you agree not to use more than one PGC funded program to offset the cost of any one improvement. We appreciate this agreement to only utilize one PGC funded program per improvement. You are assisting the California Public Utilities Commission to allow as many people as possible to save energy in California.

You are not obligated to use any entity, product or service offered by the providers linked to the EnergyCheckupTM Website in order to implement the improvements recommended for your home.

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