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An important step towards becoming more energy efficient is finding out what can be improved. For this, you need a qualified home inspector to conduct an EnergyCheckup of your home. Use our handy Home Inspector Finder to locate EnergyCheckup-trained home inspectors in your area.

Enter the 5-digit zip-code of your home: 
Names of attendees at our "EnergyCheckup Certified Energy Inspector" training seminars are provided for your convenience and information only. GeoPraxis is not affiliated in any way with these individuals and GeoPraxis neither makes nor implies any endorsement whatsoever of these individuals or any services they may claim to offer.

As with any independent contractor, we strongly encourage you to:

- get at least 3 bids,
- request evidence of any experience or credentials the inspector may claim to have,
- confirm membership in professional home inspector trade associations,
- ask for and check references from previous clients, and
- compare prices.

Finally, please be advised that it is against the law in California for any home inspector to perform, or offer to perform, any repairs to a home that they have inspected within 12 months of their inspection.
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