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Are you paying too much for your utilities?
If you want a quick answer to this question enter the zip code for your home, its square footage, and your estimate of your average monthly utility bill (both gas & electric). Click here

Is Your Home As Comfortable As It Could Be?
Your home should be a place where you and your family can live in comfort. If you often feel too hot upstairs in the summer, or if your home is too dark when you come home, its time you made an investment to increase your home's comfort levels. Take our Comfort Q&A to find out more.

Reluctant to improve because you might be moving out in just a few years?
There is clear evidence that investments in energy efficiency lead to higher home resale values. A recent study published in The Appraisal Journal shows that the market value of a home increases by $10 - $25 for every $1 decrease in annual fuel bills. The study confirms what many have believed for years: Energy efficiency substantially increases the market value of owner-occupied homes. Find out more here.

Save your money and your planet!
Few people realize how much their energy use at home impacts the environment. In fact the average home produces more than twice as much greenhouse gas pollution as the average car! Here's how you can do your part for the environment, while saving money!

Get paid for being energy efficient.
Many people are used to cash rebate offers from their local utility to help offset the cost of new energy efficient appliances, light fixtures, and other ways to save energy at home. But if you want a rebate to find its way into your pocket, you’d better act soon. The free money is fast disappearing.

The more efficient your home, the more your savings.
Did you know an energy efficient refrigerator could save you upto $70 a year on utility bills or that an ENERGY STAR clothes washer uses half as much water as a regular washer? There are lots of ways you could save money, just read here to find out!

What goes where in your utility bill.
Find out how much each of the rooms in your home cost you in your monthly utility bills. For instance, $26 of your bill could be coming from the bedroom. The other rooms..

Lower utility bills are just the tip of the iceberg!
Reduced cost and higher savings are not the only benefits of becoming more energy efficient. Energy efficient homes are safer, sell better and are more comfortable. Click here to read about all the other benefits.

Health and Safety Issues.
The fact is that home repair and remodeling projects – whether associated with the sale of a home, or just its improvement – can actually increase the risk of exposure to some significant environmental hazards. Why? Click here to find out, also read about health and safety issues in the home, how to improve the quality of air in your home and the major home pollutants.

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