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Nothing is more important to EnergyCheckup.com than our reputation as an unbiased, impartial third-party provider of energy efficiency information to consumers. We feel it is important, therefore, that you understand what information is collected as you visit our website, and how that information is used.

Like most sites on the Internet, we capture information on the number of visits or “hits” to the site, which pages were viewed, etc. in order to make the site more effective and user-friendly. This requires no personal data from you. And like most websites, a small bit of information called a “cookie” is sent to your computer so that the site can be customized and will recognize you when you return. You can adjust your browser to notify you when cookies are used, or you can avoid the use of cookies if you wish.

You can visit our site without giving personal information of any kind and still access a variety of content. Other parts of the site require specific input from you – for example, the Interactive Calculators requires zip code, square footage and other data in order to figure your utility savings.

When personal information (such as your name and address) is required, we will let you know how the information will be used, and give you the opportunity to “opt-out” of providing it. Normally such information will be requested only to enable us to respond to an inquiry on your part. For example, reputable outside companies may make energy efficiency-related offers, rebates, or incentives available to our visitors. If such offers require your personal information, you must give your permission beforehand.

In order to make our site more useful to you, it will contain links to other websites, companies, service providers, and information resources. While we attempt to link only to those sites that share our commitment to privacy and service, we cannot provide guarantees as to the content or policies of other websites or resources.

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