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Become an EnergyCheckup™ Certified Energy Inspector - Earn $35 More on Each Inspection

Utility rates are rising. More and more homeowners are demanding energy efficient homes. The home inspection industry is increasingly competitive. Your costs are rising too. There has never been a better time to position yourself as an EnergyCheckup Certified Energy Inspector. EnergyCheckup teaches you to deliver energy audits as a value-add to your other services so you can earn more money and get ahead of your competitors.

How does EnergyCheckup Certified Energy Inspector status help you as an inspector?

EnergyCheckup Certified Energy Inspector status provides inspectors with a heightened level of credibility. As an EnergyCheckup™ Certified Energy Inspector, you can distinguish yourself from your peers and mark yourself as a highly qualified professional. EnergyCheckup™ Certified Energy Inspector status also demonstrates that you care about your customers. It means you are the type of professional who has sought out additional knowledge on energy efficiency to complement your regular home inspection services.

The 3-Hour EnergyCheckup™ Crash Course offers a quick introduction to home energy efficiency and is the perfect refresher for experienced energy inspectors. This class teaches all the basic steps needed to complete an EnergyCheckup inspection. This course qualifies CA home inspectors to participate in the EnergyWise™ programs offered throughout the San Diego Gas & Electric area and in selected counties served by Pacific Gas & Electric (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Solano, San Joaquin, and Sonoma). EnergyCheckup pays you $35 more for each qualifying inspection you do in these areas. Take the Crash Course to learn more.

The 2-Day Certified Energy Inspector training course and certification program is designed to ensure you have a thorough nderstanding of home energy efficiency. The hands-on, two-day curriculum includes all of the following:

  • An understanding of how the house works as a system
  • Principles of heat transfer and how they impact home energy performance
  • How to use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment (including Blower Door and Duct Blaster)
  • How to produce a complete home energy analysis using the EnergyCheckup™ Field Audit Software
  • How to sell EnergyCheckup services to your clients and REALTORS®
  • Where to find utility-sponsored rebates, financing, tax incentives and other ways to help pay for energy-efficient home improvements.
    The 2-Day course is currently unavailable. It will be updated to meet new requirements expected to soon to be issued by the California Energy Commission.

    EnergyCheckup’s audit services help home inspectors to:

  • Generate Higher Fees Per Inspection
  • Stand Out From the Competition
  • Increase Regular Home Inspection Volume
  • Create New Income Streams
  • Appeal to Higher Margin Clients
  • Introduce Your Services to New REALTORS® and Agents
  • Open Up New Market Possibilities
  • Benefit From EnergyCheckup’s Strategic Alliances

    NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES for EnergyCheckup Certified Energy Inspectors include:

  • Energy audits in combination with traditional home inspections
  • Stand-alone energy audits (without a home inspection) of existing homes
  • HVAC duct testing services (Duct Blaster and blower door operation)
  • Multifamily and Mobile Home audits

    Here’s How It All Works:

    1. During the home inspection, the inspector collects additional data to determine the energy efficiency of the home (approximately an extra 30 minutes).
    2. In the field (or back in the office), the inspector enters this data into a simple Microsoft Word checklist program that automatically emails the data to EnergyCheckup’s servers the next time you check your email.
    3. EnergyCheckup’s Home Energy Rating System (HERS) software performs all the engineering calculations and posts the homeowner’s EnergyCheckup™ Report online.
    4. EnergyCheckup emails the customer (and the inspector), announcing that their custom report is available. EnergyCheckup Reports are full of valuable energy efficiency recommendations, rebate and financing opportunities, and more.
    5. In selected areas, utility program sponosors allow us to waive all fees and actually pay inspectors $35 for each EnergyCheckup inspection they complete. Free "Staging Kits" for REALTORS® and "Thank You" gifts for your clients are included as well.

    Are you interested in expanding your inspection practice, increasing your professionalism and differentiating yourself from the competition through Certification? For more information on possible opportunities in your area contact us at info@energycheckup.com, call 888-262-9009 or register online.

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