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In an effort to make Energy Efficiency (EE) an integral part of residential home improvement, a publicly-funded program has been developed to train and certify Remodeling Contractors as Certified Energy Efficiency Professionals. For participating Contractors, the result of this program will be larger remodeling projects, enhanced professionalism and credibility, differentiation from non-certified Contractors, and a source of additional project referrals.

EE Training consists of an intensive, in-depth training lasting a full day, covering all the major issues related to residential EE, how EE issues relate to health and safety, cost-effective upgrades, testing, and client relations.

Contractors who successfully complete this training will earn status as a Certified Energy Efficiency Professional (CEEP). In addition, it is possible that by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the inspector will also become an Energy Star Partner. EPA’s successful Energy Star Homes Program uses this approach for builders and developers of new homes. This program seeks to leverage that success to address the much larger base of existing homes. Contractors who carry these designations will “stand out from the crowd” and differentiate themselves from their competitors in a very positive way.

Related curriculum has been also developed for Residential Architects and Home Inspectors. These individuals can also earn CEEP certification, and possibly status as Energy Star Partners. Like CEEP Contractors, they will commit to promoting EE as an integral part of their typical residential projects.

Part of this Certification and “Branding” process involves performing an Energy Efficiency Home Inspection before a remodeling job takes place. Home Inspectors who become Certified Energy Efficiency Professionals and/or Energy Star Partners will be eligible to perform these Pre-Remodeling EE Home Inspections. These inspections provide an EE rating and “baseline” on the home, give specific cost-effective EE upgrade suggestions, and also uncover any deferred maintenance items (click here to see a sample EE report). The EE upgrades and maintenance items are then rolled into the remodeling job bid. If the homeowner agrees to the modified bid and implements the EE upgrades, they will save 20% or more on their utility bills. Further, their home may qualify as an “Energy Star Remodeled Home”, which improves resale value. In addition, various rebate and incentive programs exist which can help the homeowner underwrite the cost of the upgrades.

Outside referrals for these projects will come from participating Architects, Home Inspectors, or directly from this website; and inspection orders will go directly to CEEP/Energy Star Partner Contractors. Other referrals will come from strategic partners such as ImproveNet, Inc.

We anticipate that a substantial number of these projects will be generated and referred during 2000. Of course, your existing client base will generate the majority of the added income. This represents a sizeable source of new business for participating Remodeling Contractors.

Why is the utility funding this program?
Because the result will be more energy-aware homeowners, a more energy efficient base of existing homes, greater use of EE products, less pollution, and reduced peak demand for energy.

Are you interested in expanding your business, increasing your professionalism and differentiating yourself from the competition through Certification? Training will take place at several locations over the next few months. For more information contact an EnergyCheckup representative at 888-262-9009.

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