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EnergyCheckup History

EnergyCheckup, A Service Provided by GeoPraxis, Inc., was developed in 1999 in partnership with one of the largest home inspection companies in the country, Inspectech, a Service of LandAmerica. In 2002, GeoPraxis took over management of EnergyCheckup, continuing to serve Inspectech and independent inspectors alike. Since inception, EnergyCheckup has performed over 27,000 inspections throughout California.

Since then, this fruitful collaboration has launched several very successful programs:

  • The Energy Efficiency Renovation Services Program for Southern California Gas Company
  • The Time-of-Sale Home Inspection Energy Awareness Program for Southern California Gas
  • The Time-of-Sale Home Inspection Energy Awareness Program for Southern California Edison
  • The Time-of-Sale Home Inspection Program for Pacific Gas & Electric customers in Northern California (funded by ratepayers under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission)
  • The Time-of-Sale Energy Checkup Programs -- coming in 2006-2008 to San Diego and selected communities in Northern CA.

    EnergyCheckup has garnered numerous accolades and accomplishments. Review these independent program descriptions and evaluations or contact EnergyCheckup for further details:

    Customer Success Story: Association of Energy Service Professionals International Highlights:

  • Performed over 4,800 energy inspections in first 100 days, exceeding goal by 172%
  • Attained market share of 24% of all home inspections done in the Southern California

    Evaluation of SCE’s Residential Audit Programs: Ridge & Associates Highlights:

  • Highly cost effective
  • 4,170 homes audited in study period
  • 31% implementation rate for recommended energy improvements
  • First year savings of 657 kWh per home (second only to a non cost-effective program that benefited only 8 homes).

    Evaluation Report for the Time of Sale Home Inspection Program: Robert Mowris & Associates Highlights:

  • Demonstrated high customer satisfaction and net energy benefits of $208 for each EnergyCheckup
  • Estimated benefit/cost ratio of 2.1 (TRC method)
  • Increased the verified measure implementation rate to 46% (from 31%)
  • Trained 128 inspectors and 71 real estate professionals

    For additional information, contact us at
    info@energycheckup.com or 888-262-9009.

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